How to get your ex to have a rethink about the break up

Published: 27th October 2009
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Right now you might feel all is over between you and your ex and their is no way you can have her, you think no matter what you do or say will change her mind probably because she found another person. Listen before you totally write off yourself, there are ways to get your ex back that you might not have discovered yet. Read on to discover these smooth and steady way.

To begin with you should determine why your ex broke up with you as their could be many reasons, if you broke up because your ex does not want real commitment then getting back might be a real problem but aside that here are some ways to get your ex back.

Some people make mistake of trying to get there ex back with looking confidence which will always wear out, you need more than that to have your ex back so not just looking confidence will do the magic but feeling confidence about yourself and what you do.

To get your ex back there are certain thing you should definitely avoid the number one thing is desperation. That will kill your chance to reaching your gaol. the law of attraction states that positive attract positive while negative attract negative so if confidence is positive then desperation will definitely be negative. So to have a chance of getting your ex back you must not look desperate so that you will not eventually fall into depression.

You might have heard from several people that after a break up, you should totally avoid contact either by seeing each other or by call. Well, they are not wrong but the catch to this is they never really tell you how much space you should give. Using this method, you have to get the timing right because if you don't, either of these will happen your ex completely forgets about you if the no contact method goes on for too long or your ex gets irritated for not giving enough breathing space. If you get the timing right, you will not shut them completely out of your life or you will not appear desperate.

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